Reiki is a form of energy healing that has its origins in Japan. Reiki is Japanese for “Universal life force energy”. ┬áIts founder, Usui Reiki spent many years on a quest to understand how healing worked. His answer came to him while on a 21 day vision quest, where he received what are now known as the reiki symbols, symbols that carried with them powerful healing energies. Each symbol carries a slightly different energy signature with them, such as “clearing”, “emotional support” “bright light” “karmic clearing”.

Reiki can be offered hands-on or hands-off. A typical session includes the receiver laying on a reiki or massage table, fully clothed, and the reiki practitioner holding their hands above the body or laying them on the body. Hands-on sessions refrain from touching any private areas but may include the head, ears, feet and back body. Some practitioners will have the receiver lay on their back and on their belly for a time but many practitioners only work with the receiver laying on their back.

Many reiki practitioners incorporate additional healing methods in their repertoire. Be sure to ask what the session will include and if it includes non-reiki additions.

Sue offers basic reiki sessions or blended sessions that incorporate additional energy healing modalities, such as crystal healing, the use of feathers, sounds and bells. Feel free to design the session in the way you are most comfortable.